2009 ENGEL CC1800

2009 ENGEL CC1800

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CORE CUTTER | AB: 180+ cm | year 2009 Manual Core Cutter, model CC1800 Loading Push the core over the shaft and against the core driver shoulder. Setting for variation in core thickness Slacken the screw holding the support rollers and lower, push the core over the shaft and against the core driver shoulder, move the support rollers against the core and lock in position. Setting the size of cut Set the size of core required using the rule and sliding section. Fix into position using the turn knob. Cutting Using the handle, lower the blade onto the core. Press start button and apply pressure until the blade has cut through the core When the core drops into a container, release the button, lift up the handle, move the core against the stop and repeat. Safety Take extra care when replacing or cleaning the cutting blade Do not remove the safety guard